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At SkillBridge Capital LLC, we understand that once in a generation disruption is creating big opportunities for entrepreneurs to offer new products/services that make the world better.

 We are a growth equity fund that provides capital, strategic guidance and operating expertise to visionary teams.

We bridge the skill set and capital gaps to enable teams to deliver value. 

We have more than 25 years experience in the consumer products industry in C-Suite roles at Fortune 50 companies or mid-size companies. We are investors and operators that have a proven track record and understand the entreprenurial spirit it takes to run a business in a capital efficient manner in order

to drive long term value and ensure business success.

Our Four Pillars


Deep Dive Due Diligence

- Expert analysis


Strategic Advisory Services 

- Maximising potential


Patient Capital   

-  Facilitate growth financing



Operational Expertise

  - Leveraging networks


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